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Hi there! So today is the 8th day of the New Year and here is a list of where I have been ever since. As you can see, I’m obviously a power-yoga addict, but someday I want to teach power yoga, so I must continue working on it until I can afford Level One training. My goal is to do the Sedona, AZ Baron Baptiste training this year.. Hopefully with tax returns and everything else that I’ve saved, I can afford it by then, but we shall see.

My Month so Far:

  • Jan 1: Power Yoga
  • Jan 2: Power Yoga
  • Jan 3: Power Yoga
  • Jan 4: Power Yoga
  • Jan 5: Nada
  • Jan 6: Restorative Yoga & Power Yoga
  • Jan 7: Power Yoga
  • Jan 8: Spin Class, Zumba Class, Power Yoga & Restorative Yoga

This morning I started off in shavasana doing a 5-minute meditation through the Baron Baptiste Digital40Challenge and then got a spin class in. An hour later I did Zumba. It was amazing to get 2 hours of cardio in today because I really haven’t stepped foot in the gym more than a handful of times within the past month. It was challenging. I feel that if I were more consistent with the cardio I used to involve in, my yoga “body changes” would start to pay off. Right now yoga is building strength, but I feel I can get my body into better shape by keeping up on cardio, which I’ve been lacking.

getting ready for my hawaii trip tomorrow! travel yoga mat all ready for my vaca:)

getting ready for my hawaii trip tomorrow! travel yoga mat all ready for my vaca:)

With every goal, this requires consistent dedication. My goal is to complete my 40-day yoga challenge, as well as save for yoga school. So how do you stay dedicated through a month long, or a year long challenge? Here are a few tips to help you stay on the right path.

  1. Take 100% Responsibility: take responsibility for your life. You are one person of 6 million+ people. What do you have to show for your life? What do you want from life? What is your passion and the reason you were placed on this earth? That is up to you to figure out and no one else’s. You are in charge of everything you want in life. Anything you want can be yours once you forget what everyone has, what everyone else expects, and what you think you’re supposed to have. Write a list of what you want and go after it. This life is not anyone else’s but your own. Make it however you want it to be.
  2. Small Steps: take small steps. When you overwork yourself, you lose “balance” which is the only thing to strive for in life. Make small changes that you can maintain without burning out. Don’t overwork yourself or make yourself feel pressure. A small step a day, eventually creates a BIG result worth striving for.
  3. Eliminate your setbacks: Setbacks come in all shapes and forms…lets see….I see setbacks as negative people, unmotivated friends or family, unhealthy relationships, unhealthy binge drinking, unhealthy food, overspending money you don’t have, working too much, working too little, not drinking water….basically anything in your life ball-and-chaining you to who you were yesterday. Today is a new day, it’s a new year, learn to cut out the bad habits and bad influences.
  4. Think Constructively: every goal needs a plan. Plan your days and weeks to lead you to the path of your passions. Write down what is important and do small things everyday that line up with those goals. Learn to become optimistic. Our thoughts are powerful and create the life we have. Think constructively and positively that you can accomplish what you want and in time, everything will improve.
  5. Learn Self-Love: you must love yourself. Accept who you are today. You cannot love others without love for yourself. Through all my days of yoga I stopped being the perfectionist crazy person that I was. With yoga, I see myself for who I am. I don’t see someone that needs to be “worked on” like I used to. I see myself as someone who no matter how good or bad my life is, however large I think my thighs are, that is me and that is perfect enough. With consistent time on my mat every day, I work on myself. I work on who I am and what I want to become. I don’t care how much I weight or what my fat percentage is or however much I sweat. I get there. Do the work….and I am happy with myself.

Dedicate yourself to your goals.

Practice something you love every day.

You can’t go wrong, if you’re making yourself happy&healthy.

Wow! I have received so much feedback from this challenge and its incredible. It makes me so happy to see so many of you start little fitness challenges of your own. Tomorrow will be day 10 for me and things are only feeling better. As you know if you’ve been following my blog, I decided to go Paleo like my entire family. I never took it seriously until the week I got home from my Florida vacation and realized that about 10 pounds crept on to me without me even noticing. I was really upset because I thought I had been exercising a lot.


preparing my chicken tonight with coconut oil! thanks mom and dad!

Let me tell you how important diet is…it’s seriously most the battle. No matter how much you work out, if you eat like crap, you will continue to look like crap. This first photo of mine was taken the day before on September 30th, which was the day I felt defeated. I was defeated by food more than anything…I was going to it when I was stressed and not noticing how many calories I was actually consuming. The stomach aches and pains were at its peak. Then the 21 days of Paleo happened. Since I have been on Paleo, I crave fruit, veggies, and meat. I don’t think about food as an emotional outlet. I am very strict, trying not to give in to cheats as much as possible. I feel better than ever. With this with the combination of barre classes, I feel great on the inside and outside and feel almost happier…I feel longer and leaner.

I also have been taking vitamins everyday and haven’t used ANY FORM of supplementation or pre-workouts since. I take a multi, fish oil, calcium, vitamin c, vitamin b, and before I work out I take a cayenne pepper pill, which shows practically the same results as pre-workout pills but its natural and better for you.

when you eat healthy, exercise, take epsom salt baths;), surround yourself with family and uplifting friends, you begin to have a “glow”…you begin to look happy and healthy.

Another thing I’m doing within the next week or two is becoming a beach body coach! A lovely friend I’ve met through my blogging journey does it and I finally am going to do it to. She is the sweetest most lovely girls and inspires so many other people and she reminds me a lot of myself, so I feel it would be nice to reach some of you online through working those programs. I’ve also been applying to some local small gyms to get my feet in the water a little as well as sticking to my challenges. I hope you are all having an amazing 21 days and feeling better than ever. You only have one life. Don’t waste it eating poorly, taking diet pills, and eating “fat-free” diet things. What a WASTE. Why not start off tomorrow doing something different. Start by actually eating healthy nutritious food. If you eat healthily, your body will stop feeling constantly deprived. Your body should not be a wastebasket.

What a BUSY week! I have been in the gym like a maniac lately and focusing a lot more on what I’ve been eating. I have been focusing on clean eating and at first it was tough, but now I am slowly losing the cravings for processed foods and it is wonderful. As I’ve mentioned before in old entries about how I was Pro Paleo and that it works for my dad, I realized it doesn’t work for me and clean eating works best because I cannot deprive my body of the whole wheat and grains. I don’t really eat an overload of carbs or anything, but it helps with all the working out that I do.

 “You only crave what you consume. Once you cut out all the bad processed food, it may be hard at first but over time, those cravings will diminish and you will appreciate normal clean eating”

What was really exciting about yesterday is that I did a Zumba photo shoot! It was such a fun time and the photographer; April Zeer was AMAZING and so much fun to work with. I had a lot of different clothing options and I can’t wait to show you the magazine or the pictures that turn out once she’s done editing them! I have a couple pictures but they are only from my little iPhone. I believe I have another shoot with a different person on Friday so I must continue working hard on my diet and sessions at the gym in the next couple days. The article/photos print on August 20th so time is ticking!

My life has been such a turnaround this year. It started with a relationship that turned out to be a whole lie and waste of time. It’s crazy how you figure out all the pieces in the end and once you do, you can be good and done with it. Once I got to the bottom of how pointless and filled with lies this person was, I finally could allow myself to move on and practically forget about it completely. I have been so blessed to have this person removed from my life because he brought me nothing but down. Since everything has been over in the last two, almost three months now, opportunity has practically fallen in my lap; I have embraced what makes me happy, and truly have no worries anymore. It’s nice to really focus on what I want and not have to worry about being let down by others. I can’t wait to see how the rest of this year folds out!

hahaha this video is funny because it was after the shoot when we turned the zumba music off and just had random music on and i realized i couldn’t dance to it.


This picture is the progress I’ve made since New Years Day. Sorry that picture is a tad inappropriate but it was meant for just myself. I took it because I was unhappy with where my body was going. Since then, I’ve lost 14 pounds on my 5’3″ body frame and I thought it’d be good to show without caring.

  • On the left, it was the beginning of January 2012 at 125 pounds.
  • On the right is June 2012 at 111 pounds.

A lot of people ask me what my goals are and feel that I should be setting large goals for this blog. I don’t know what to tell them because I feel that every day that I step into that gym, or step on to that trail…i am accomplishing a goal for myself. I did not make this blog so I could compete in fitness competitions or become a bodybuilder. I made this blog because it helps me keep track of my progress and the comments help motivate me stay in the right direction. A lot of you have been emailing me or commenting to me, or adding me on Twitter because I help you in some small way…and that is what makes me happy. Helping others accomplish their life and fitness goals while they help me in return.

This year I have been through so much emotionally, and it’s been draining. In the end of every broken relationship, or every problem I may face, one thing stays the same…and that is the faith I have in myself. The ability to grow emotionally, and to grow into a healthier human being. Nothing makes me happier than exploring my inner-self and working out. The endorphins do wonders and I promise you that if you help yourself become a better person daily, you will be a happy satisfied individual. That is what this blog does for me:)

Keep up with your goals.
Hard work brings rewarding results
now I’m off to zumba and step class! good night!


“Obstacles cannot stop me. Every obstacle yields to stern resolve. He who is fixed to a star does not change his mind.” ~ Leonardo da Vinci”

You must always push your limits. Keep an open mind. Find a new adventure. Find your purpose in life. Embrace the people who stand by your side when everything goes wrong. Appreciate the life you have and every opportunity you have to make today better than yesterday.

This has been my life this week. I’ve been very busy at work the last few days and its been financially rewarding. I booked a ticket to Florida to visit my best friend Dianna at the end of the summer and I cant wait to see her for a whole week. She is like my sister and we are bound to have an amazing time. I also can’t wait for Arizona in a week and a half with the girls!

Yesterday I worked, and then went for a long run along Alaskan Way. The Ferris wheel is almost finished being built and it is huge! Can’t wait till it’s done. After that I did legs and an hour of cardio to clear my mind. Today I did Zumba so I’m in a really good mood. It’s been so nice out around here lately; I’m going to the Mariners game on Thursday I hope they win! Anyway I don’t have much to say but I am keeping busy with my fitness and have been eating well. Fitness to me, has nothing to do with being in good shape anymore, it’s about feeling good. When something feels good, make the most of it….:)

This morning I woke up and took the picture above. I have been a fiend at the gym lately and I have been going to Zumba 4 times a week and the main muscle group you really feel working in Zumba is your abs. I leave to Arizona in a couple weeks and am happy that I wont have to be self-conscious or feel I should have worked out more, because I really have been. I have been so stressed this month with school as well as relationship issues. I can’t handle a lot of stress unless I am working out everyday. Being at the gym, or up in the mountains just keeps me in balance. So even though I am officially back to being single, I know I will be fine because I no longer have to carry the stress of that relationship as well as all the third party drama that came with that.

So upcoming events I have on the agenda this coming month is continuing my gym routine, going zip lining, and hopefully trying out a trapeze class I’ve wanted to try. I have a few Groupon’s for a bunch of kayaking and paddle boarding so id like to use those also.

Anyway back to my point of getting great abs, here are some of the things I do that have helped:

  1. Eat Breakfast- my day begins at 5am. I wake up everyday at that time so my body usually needs fuel right away. Eating gives you energy and there is no excuse to not eat breakfast. If you wait till lunch to eat, you are bound to feel drowsy or unmotivated afterward because your body has been going on so long with nothing.
  2. Do Cardio- As I have said so many times before. An all-over body sweat gives quick results. Even if you run, take a kickboxing class, or walk a stair climber…all these things help.
  3. Weight Train- adding weights burns more fat than cardio so it is good to add this to your week. I love weight training because I see instant results. There are many workouts that will target your abdominal muscles also. Besides all of this I do planks. I do planks every day for 5 times at 1-minute intervals. They work every part of the abdominal muscles and show results quickly. If you don’t want to use weights, Yoga and Pilates help a lot also.
  4. Don’t Drink too much- I always say this because it is true. It is liquid calories and liquid poison to the body. It will be tough to see results while drinking too much.
  5. Eat Small Dinners- Unless I’m out with friends getting dinner together, I don’t usually eat dinner. Or I have something very small. I eat all throughout the day so by dinnertime I am pretty full. But I feel this helps in getting your abs in shape.
  6. Be Happy- life is precious. Do not stress over how you look too much. Sure I created this blog for staying in shape and tracking progress, but I am not unhappy or wish I were anything different than who I am. I have goals and know that with effort, I can accomplish them. Never look at other people and compare. You are unique and amazing in your own way and negativity about your self-image will not encourage change and progress. KNOW you can meet your fitness goals if you do a little everyday. If you think negatively about yourself, it will slow down the process. I promise. Positivity is a gift.  Good luck!


I’m laying in bed
Completely exhausted playing with photo apps. My zumba class today kicked my butt!  Especially after doing weights forever yesterday…my bed feels amazing.

Nothing feels better then the feeling after a great workout. I swear working out for me is like a drug, it raises my endorphins and makes my body feel so relaxed as well as my mind.

Its memorial day weekend this weekend and I’m not going anywhere:( I have to work all weekend and this will be the first time working over the holiday…but its ok I will keep working out. Arizona vacation is in a month and I’m happy that by then, I wont even care about running around in a bikini because I’m back in shape. Its the best feeling to be fit and not worry about what you look like.
Some people say I’m obsessed…
I say I’m dedicated.

Remember that working out should make you happy and feel good. The only person you should be competing against is yourself. And in the end, that’s all that matters :)


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