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It’s a rainy afternoon here in Washington.

but it’s been in the upper 80′s all week so It’s been nice….Eastern Washington’s wildfires also need this right now.

Usually I would be up in the mountains on Wednesdays but it was thundering and lightning and I didn’t feel like being out in that. I decided to lay low, rest and practice yoga. I have a power class tonight but today i focused on my inversions at home.

I love the quote that I stumbled across today mostly because it mentioned mermaids but when you read it, it describes me quite well.

“I have no fear of depths”

I don’t have fear when things get complex, when a conversation gets deep and uncomfortable. I don’t mind when you tell me the most horrible stories that have ever happened to you or from you. I don’t mind tears and pain and anger…..along with deep joy and happiness….It’s all beautiful to me. Authenticity is key. I believe in opening your heart and really talking about how you feel. I may not be prefect at it but that is the beauty of it. There is something so beautiful about a person really discussing their passion, and opening up like that.

“….a great fear of shallow living”

Who in God’s nature likes this? Enjoys shallow conversation and white lies to make the image of yourself look better. It’s too often that I talk to people that have nothing to talk about. The extent of our conversation is meaningless small talk. They are going through nothing, they think about nothing and they only have shallow conversation to share. It bores me…I want to know the real you and not the plastic version of yourself.

I think this is why I am single. Too often the men I meet try to create themselves into the kind of man that they presume I would be interested in. I see right through it all but it’s interesting to stand back and just watch them unfold. I have been single for a long while now. I told myself when I got sober a year ago that I would not settle with just anyone anymore. I would know my own worth and be willing to patiently wait for the right person. I want someone who shares the same passion as me so that if we are together, we can do the same things: hiking and eventually a person that will willingly do larger scale hiking and traveling. Someone who loves to run and get outside with me or enjoy yoga. Someone that doesn’t NEED to really know what the future unfolds. Someone that doesn’t care what others think of him and doesn’t need constant reassurance of his worth. Someone who doesn’t need to party like a child….someone who has got his party days out of the way and has no need to try and relive those memories. Someone who can see the beauty in everything and someone who can grow in love with his life and the people in his life without judgment. Someone who is honest and knows what he wants.

There you go, a little post about depth and shallow conversation linked to relationships:) the beauty of not needing to write about fitness!


I did it! I did it!
I changed my name….hahaha something I’ve been contemplating all year! It feels so right…it makes me want to update all the time because I feel that my little blogging identity has been rejuvenated to a more authentic feeeeeel, if ya feel me?

SO here I am. No longer because if you have been following my blog for the last couple years, well I don’t give a rats ass about trying to appease anyone with specific fitness needs. I may lose a lot of followers but in the big scheme of things, I have found MYSELF.


feels refreshing.
I’m going to kill you all with my horrible grammar and spelling typos because my shitty Mac lost my normal Word Doc program but I no longer care! I will update you more via mountain adventures and through my little struggles I am soon facing in my near future…

So here I am….tiny trail mermaid. It may be a little ehhhh….but it fits better. I am 5’3 and petite((hence tiny))….I am from Hawaii and grew up there for the first 12 years of my life. ((hence the mermaid part)). I moved here to Washington when I was 12 and lately, as you can see, I have been throwing myself into adventure in the GREAT PNW. I love it here and always have but this year has brought new meaning to my life. I have truly found who I really am and most of this was through being a year sober as of this month, finding true passion in my yoga practice, and finding myself….especially in the mountains. I love to trail run and hike and recently started camping on those long treks.

I’m not going to go into detail about my life because it is still the same life I have been living. The only difference is a name…I didn’t want to be a fitness blog. This is just a blog about my life and the adventures I take, and the little things I do day in and day out to become a better person.
This is a New year. A WHOLE YEAR SOBER.
Change is surely happening and I want to make sure I can write about it without making this just about fitness.


I saw that quote yesterday and thought about it over and over again…and again…and again….
I pictured my life and the things I capture. I used to capture everything. I used to capture all my friends and I no matter what we were doing. I used to take a million selfies and photos talking about weightloss and muscle gain and meal prep….I’d take photos at the gym, at the workout equipment, and “post-gym” photos where I was sweaty and gross. I took pictures of before an after shots and basically any single workout that I participated in was photographed and sent off into the inter-webs hoping for approval from well….YOU.

What did I fear to lose?
I feared everything. I had major vanity issues and insecurities with myself. I feared losing my fit body…I feared not being admired (even though no one was really thinking about me in the first place). I was borderline struggling with an eating disorder. Not the traditional anorexic/bulimic disorders but more of a body-dysmorphic disorder. I feared losing my party-friends. I feared leaving my horrible boyfriend-turned-ex for a long portion of time. I just feared being ALONE WITH MYSELF.

I meant well, I assure you….but as time has passed I have lost a lot of need for approval. I ask God for guidance every single day to help guide me in the direction of his path…and to help me become a beacon of light for myself and others. Along with this, every singe day at some point I internally tell myself: “It is no business what other people think of me”. I sometimes have to repeat this more than once throughout the day but I believe it helps me grow into a confident, radiant human being. Since my life changed one year ago, all I need to do is be the best, kind person I can be. Every day I have the opportunity to be better, be kinder and go on more adventures.


I think about the way things are now. The way I forget I have a blog, and forget that I ever cared that much for it in the first place. I have been diving into Instagram as the only thing I truly make use of these days….and why is that? Well I LOVE the photos without necessarily needing a lot of words and I love the beauty that shines through each profile as a little map to the users soul.

So what do I fear to lose today? Have you checked out my Instagram lately? It’s basically a “WHY YOU NEED TO VISIT AND HIKE WASHINGTON” Instagram:) I fear to lose the beauty of the world. I fear to lose my freedom. Some of you know I won’t really be on any form of social media soon and my photos truly show that. They show me bucket-listing my summer away! It’s been hard with my best friend recently moving to Texas but at the same time I think it’s helping me grow a little…okay a lot. It’s helping me be alone and accepting that. With what I photograph, it shows how much I LOVE being out in the fresh air, running the trails, visiting new sites, jumping in different lakes, spending time with my family and best friends and just LIVING. LIVING without caring about the meaningless junk of life. Getting off work/the computer and getting outside. All sober….so crazy I am one year sober this month.



A few months ago I made a list of things I wanted to do and here are some of the things I have done since summer started:

  • went skydiving
  • hiked trails at Mount Rainier
  • went paragliding off a cliff
  • went on a solo trip to DIablo Lake!!!! (this place I had never been to and have always wanted to go)
  • went for an overnight hike with a friend to Mt. Pilchuck and stayed in a fire tower
  • went on an overnight trip with my brothers and camped over Goat Lake
  • went trail running to Talapus and Olallie Lake
  • swam in Mason Lake at the top of Bandera Mountain and got to see fields of Beargrass!!!(a plant that flowers only every 5-7 years…insane and gorgeous)
  • visited Vance Creek Viaduct and hung my little legs off the bridge(which is the second highest arch bridge ever built in the US)
  • started saving for Bali ($1300 so far!)
  • visited the Chihuly Garden and GLass Museum

I can’t think of any others right now….but trust me I’m living. So grateful.
Life is so short. Create an adventure and take lots of pictures….you never truly know how much time you have. All you have is now.


“As a single footprint will not make a path on the earth, so a single thought will not make a pathway in the mind. To make a deep, physical path, we walk again and again. To make a deep mental path, we must think over and over again the kind of thoughts we wish to dominate our lives.” ~ Thoreau

I couldn’t think of the right way to write on paper what I was thinking…then I stumbled along this quote which pieced it all together perfectly.

A while back, roughly ten months ago and before then I lived in constant fear. I had no idea what fear was. If you would have asked me about what I thought of the idea of fear, nothing was scary, I could handle any task and I was a bit of a daredevil! I worked out every single day, sometimes three times a day! I made lots of friends out at the bars, football/baseball games and life was one big fantastic party. I had never broken a bone ever in my entire life…I had never even sprained anything…When I had to break up with someone I put on my huge mask of strength and said “F*** it!”. Did I know or fear God? No. I had no fears remember? If friends left my life, they were easily replaced and if I failed at anything…well obviously that’s not what I should be doing and basically….”ON TO THE NEXT!”

So disturbingly fearless….
I look back today and it’s funny to see my perception and how skewed it was. I only knew fear. I played things safe, I stayed small, I never had an opinion of my own. ever. I realize now that I have changed a lot whether it was from getting sober or growing older or both, I know now that once we take a different route, we must keep walking. Change may happen quickly or slowly but we must keep trekking. Positive thoughts, positive change, positive life.


“Fear stifles our thinking and actions. It creates indecisiveness that results in stagnation. I have known talented people who procrastinate indefinitely rather than risk failure. Lost opportunities cause erosion of confidence, and the downward spiral begins”
Charles Stanley

“What is needed, rather than running away or controlling or suppressing or any other resistance, is understanding fear; that means, watch it, learn about it, come directly into contact with it. We are to learn about fear, not how to escape from it”
Jiddu Krishnamurti

Today I still fear things but I do not live in ignorance of my fears. In the past I would workout a few times a day not because it felt good, but because I was insecure with myself. I lived in fear of getting fat, I lived in fear of caring what others thought of me. I have seen the transformation so clearly especially in writing this blog. Every day I want to write but I don’t like the name of my blog because if you haven’t noticed already, this isn’t a blog about just fitness….and no I am not a personal trainer nor do I care about ever being one. I don’t want to compete in a fitness competition, I don’t believe in crossfit, and I don’t have some special diet that I follow to stay in shape.

I used to have fears in my relationships with others. I wanted to people please, I wanted to be liked…be loved. I wanted the man I was dating to be the person that would sweep me off my feet and put a rock on my finger…I didn’t even know why I thought this. Even when in a relationship, when a boyfriend treated me poorly, I would stay and hope he changed, and basically just was scared to be alone. I was so afraid to be alone. I would procrastinate leaving them like the quote above….to the point that it would eventually cause erosion to my confidence and then I was left with no self-worth and no identity.

Did you all realize this was going on while I was writing here? It’s been almost two and a half YEARS. Holy moly…..time sure does go quickly. So that brings us to where I am now. I see fear, I feel it, I overcome it and realize that life is okay now. I have a God of my understanding and with him, there is nothing to fear…


I have solid friends and an amazing relationship with my family that beats the army of acquaintances I used to surround myself with. I now go on dates and can tell if I like the guy or not…and tell him when it doesn’t work. (Old me used to be just satisfied with them actually being interested in me that I never thought about what I wanted from them.)
I speak my mind.
I have ups and downs with my body image still….but I recognize them now. I still do lots of yoga, and love running with my dog and paddleboarding with my parents…but my life is now about the importance of BALANCE.
I don’t really need to try too hard when I’m being my true authentic self…I no longer need to pretend…We have this small space in time on earth and we need to focus on what makes us happy who makes us happy, and treat each other with kindness and respect. We can’t just expect a life that we want. We have to get clear on what works and what doesn’t, and be willing to change if necessary.


Have I mentioned how freaking happy I’ve been lately? If you follow me on Instagram, this may already have been apparent to you. I am a smile-ear-to-ear grateful for everything these days person. I wish I could put this into a how-to manual for the negative-energy-sucking-non-aware people.

Does anyone know my story?
Does anyone know what I’m about to go through?
Probably not.

I have 3 DUI’s…..I am 9 months sober today and grateful for my life. I have trial in a week and a half and am looking at about 4 months in jail minimum…..with a miracle, it could be less but that is what I am looking at. I figured you all should know in case I drop off the face of the internet for a bit hehe. I could cry about my future and play the victim card a while longer but what the hell would that do for me?

In my entire unhealthy drinking/living career, I am grateful that I managed to get out from all of this without hurting myself or another. Today I get to be alive. People ask why I run so much, why I’m always in the mountains, why I do so much yoga and why am I never able to relax?
Well now you know…what’s the point of living if you can’t enjoy it? Imagine you’re going to jail in a few weeks…what would you do today?
What would you do tomorrow?

Imagine if you looked into your future and didn’t see the freedom that you have today…

Now imagine you’re not like me and don’t have to go to jail.
Look at how you live your life and think to yourself…why am I not living a more free, fulfilling life?
Why am I living in this small boring box, going to work feeling shitty about how much I hate my job, how much this hangover hurts, why do I stay with a lover who doesn’t connect with me?

Why do I allow myself to play small?
Why don’t I truly embrace my life?

I’m reading this amazing book by Danielle LaPorte called The Desire Map. It talks about rather than create a goal list, a bucket list, a 1, 5 and 10 year plan, why not create a Desire List?
Sometimes we make lofty goals and sometimes life happens and changes us from ever getting to some of those goals….we feel sorry for ourselves and we sometimes forget our lists all together. She comes at goal setting from a whole different angle in which she says create a desire list.
HOW DO YOU WANT TO FEEL?… your ideal life I’m asking you this now…how do you want to FEEL?

Here is my list for the current time:


Now she says stick that somewhere and look at it everyday, add to it, start over, get creative with it. Now look at that list, and really dissect the list…think of things that make you feel those feelings….

Now do something everyday that makes you feel some of those feelings…now do them every day. Soon enough the things you do everyday that make you feel those ideal feelings end up shaping the path to your ideal life.

On an end note, nothing makes me happier than doing the best I can with what I have. Enjoying the people I have in my life. Enjoying the freedom I have today, and when I face my hardest times, I will treat is as a meditation, a life lesson, to help others see the greatness in their life while they can. We think our lives can be so hard sometimes even when nothing really is that hard…..remember that life is about perspective and why waste it by looking at the negative side of everything.


I’m back I’m back!!! Feels like it’s been so long! I have had a broken computer forever…I have updated a few times from my cell and iPad but nothing compares to writing on my laptop. Sometimes over the last couple weeks, I would be daydreaming about what I wanted to write about and then when I thought about it more…the thought of doing it all via phone sounded too exhausting…my thoughts move much too fast for my measly phone. Anyway I finally got off my ass and took my Mac to the Apple store and found out it was a lot easier to fix than expected…go figure.

Anyway! A lot has happened since last time I updated!  Last month I had seen Rachel Brathen for the master class and it was amazingggg. Since then I have really worked on my arm balances. I also signed up for Bryan Kest’s master class for the 18th of this month! I can’t wait to see him again, I saw him a year ago and he is fantastic!


Things that have happened since:

  • I turned 27!…Holy crap.
  • I turned 6 months sober.
  • I hiked.
  • I yogaaad.
  • I ran.


Let’s start with my birthday. I am officially 27…When I was a little girl, I imagined that by the age of twenty-seven, I would be married with a child, living in a house that I owned and working a 9-5 job. My life is quite the opposite and I’m learning to accept it. I officially gave up trying to control everything this year. I can’t control you, I can’t control the future, I can’t control anything other than my actions…I have my side of the street to clean and that is what I’ve committed to this year. A year of bettering one’s self to the point of beaming happiness…a commitment that allows me to be completely present and content with this moment…right here right now. No one else EVER truly cares what you do and where you are in your life. Most people are always so focused on themselves that if we actually spend time trying to be someone or do certain things just to seem impressive, just to seem “normal”….well we are setting ourselves up for failure. I have come a long way since 26 and I wouldn’t change it in any way.

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So what did I do for my birthday? Well I went to a drag show with my best girlfriends of course! Haha I have never seen a drag show and its been on my bucket list! It was heaps of fun and all COMPLETELY SOBER:)



Thats brings me to my sobriety…woohoo I made it 6 months! It actually went by really fast. It’s amazing how happy I have been since I quit. Well it was really hard at first with the transition and the whole idea of “having to actually feel everything” but once you get past your fears and your ego…there is this space. A space of freedom…and that is where I am right now. I am at a place where I have the ability to be happy in every form because I let go of holding on to the one thing holding me back…and that was my alcohol problem…Anyway it feels great and I feel a lot more healthy!


Another thing I’ve done since my last post is hike of course…heres a picture of me at Poo Poo Point! I’m coming back here sometime soon to go paragliding! 



Here are a couple pictures from my yoga lately:

first attempt at headstand with lotus variation

first attempt at headstand with lotus variation

Brian and my first attempt at acro yoga!

Brian and my first attempt at acro yoga!



day of the superbowl....our hawks killed it!

day of the superbowl….our hawks killed it!

And some excellent shots from my runs:


7 mile run along the waterfront in Seattle

7 mile run along the waterfront in Seattle

So it’s been around 10 days late blogging about my challenge. I don’t really care though because half of this challenge is to get over stressing out so much with being hard on myself. I often feel that I must always follow through or I will let myself down, let you down, and let the whole wide world down. When in reality, life is simple, and if I don’t get to my computer everyday, that’s probably a good thing.

The honest truth is that I haven’t been home. I live with roommates and I don’t know how much longer its going to last here because I feel completely uncomfortable living here. It’s just one person that makes me feel this way but its enough for me to pack my bags and just prefer being away…kind of sad and maybe one of the changes I should have made was moving out…but with everything going on in my near future, the last thing I want to do it make a geographical change until I know my fate.

The worst thing is the feeling of being home but not feeling at home at all. I know I need to find another place to live but it wont be this month.


Despite my lack of blog updates and being away from home for the last two weeks, I really have been making slight challenges everyday. Here is a list of some of the things I’ve been doing:

 1. Teaching Yoga:

I taught my parents/brother yoga again…dad successfully got into crow to headstand and back to crow again:)

I taught my parents/brother yoga again…dad successfully got into crow to headstand and back to crow again:)

2. Inversion Practice:

Worked on inversions and really got comfortable in forearm-stand.

Worked on inversions and really got comfortable in forearm-stand.

3. Brought my little brother to his first hot yoga vinyasa class:) and he loved it and rocked it!

4. Ran My Longest Distance

Went on my longest run ever! (11 miles) I run a lot, but usually only stick to around 5 miles. Even thought this picture says 10 it ended up being 11 because i was still a mile from home and it was 25 degrees out…way too cold to walk.

Went on my longest run ever! (11 miles) I run a lot, but usually only stick to around 5 miles. Even thought this picture says 10 it ended up being 11 because i was still a mile from home and it was 25 degrees out…way too cold to walk.

5. Started Reading “Chi Running”

I started reading "Chi Running" by Danny Dreyer and I HIGHLY recommend it!!!! It’s helped a lot.

I started reading “Chi Running” by Danny Dreyer and I HIGHLY recommend it!!!! It’s helped a lot.

6. Self-Taught Yoga Flow:

Worked on my home yoga practice…this is something I have a hard time just starting since I am weird and prefer to just do yoga around others. It was fantastic and I love home practice now. This picture is just of me practicing inversions though

Worked on my home yoga practice…this is something I have a hard time just starting since I am weird and prefer to just do yoga around others. It was fantastic and I love home practice now. This picture is just of me practicing inversions though

7. Learn to THRIVE:

Practiced with my goal coach Jacki Carr’s idea by writing “Thrive” on a post-it note and placing it under my yoga mat. By doing this we really feel a power. We much THRIVE vs. just survive.

Practiced with my goal coach Jacki Carr’s idea by writing “Thrive” on a post-it note and placing it under my yoga mat. By doing this we really feel a power. We much THRIVE vs. just survive.


8. I went indoor rock-climbing with Jessica

9. Kayak through the Locks and Watch the Sunset:

A couple days ago I went kayaking in Ballard through the locks and out past magnolia and watched the sunset in Seattle

A couple days ago I went kayaking in Ballard through the locks and out past magnolia and watched the sunset in Seattle


look at that amazing sunset! lots of waves started to pick up once out in the sound

look at that amazing sunset! lots of waves started to pick up once out in the sound

heading home and the color of the sky was insane. a wonderful day:)

heading home and the color of the sky was insane. a wonderful day:)

10. Say “No” When I Want to.

I emphasize the importance of being a “Yes” to your life…but sometimes we need to say no. It’s not about failing or letting you or another person down, its about doing what your heart pleases. November is a month of gratitude and I am grateful of OH SO MUCH…I have an amazing family that adore to pieces. I have great friends and a healthy body…but sometimes in November or any other month do you ever realize you sometimes say yes too much? Sometimes I make so many plans that my weeks are strung out with things that I don’t even WANT to do. I have random errands in between mediocre plans that don’t really help me live a full life…they are just things…busy things…to make others happy. I have used this word a lot lately because over everything we must create balance. Anything in excess is probably unnecessary.


So there you go, a little update…I’ll try and get back into my little daily update routine before the month is over and I will try to bring my laptop around with me more:)


Day 12: Write Letters to Everyone You LOVE!

Day 13: Shh!!! It’s a Secret

Day 14: Feed the Homeless


Let’s start with day 12: Write letters to Everyone I Love:

This little challenge ended up being long and time consuming. The only reason I decided to do it was to challenge my communication skills. Too often we replace face-to-face or pen to paper time with texting, the computer, and well basically everything has gone tech-based. How booooring and how anti-social. Before this challenge I realize I’m one of the most antisocial people I know! I blame Seattle. We tuck ourselves indoors and don’t go outside for about 9 months out of the year and are passive aggressive isolators.


Okay I’m kidding…but I do have communication issues. I am a sober little thing going through my 12-step process and I’m on step 4 right now. We have to list all of our fears and explain why they are our fears. We have to write everyone we resent and why….and then recognize where OUR part is in everything. At the end of this process I have realized that I have abandonment issues and care too much what others think of me. I now see that my lack of intimacy or close relationships with people is based on being too afraid to be myself in fear of not being liked. Wow that’s a lot to actually take in isn’t it? I know that if any of you try this challenge, you will notice the same if you truly get honest with yourself.

So I spent the time, I wrote letters to the people I love…and it feels great to get all that love on paper to show people how much they truly mean to me. I will be delivering all of them soon.



Day 13: Shh!! It’s a Secret…

If I were to tell you EVERY challenge of this month, I may be in trouble. This day’s challenge was good enough to happen; yet too personal to tell the whole 5 of you that read this blog. Let’s just say I was holding on to my past a little too much…sometimes when we get sober we have to throw away all the things that remind us of the substance…or in some cases, the substance itself. This was accomplished when cleaning out my closet yesterday and its good to wash my hands of it. End of story;).


Day 14: Feed the Homeless

“The plain truth is that you must start giving before you start receiving. This is the nature of the Universe we live in”-Yogi Bhajan

Today my friend Jess and I spent the day giving. We made 25 different little notes and taped them to burgers and went around downtown Seattle. We thought about a soup kitchen volunteer idea but we felt this was more creative doing our own thing. Some streets are a little scary so it kind of took us a long time walking the streets…we expected to have a lot more people but basically we just gave the burgers to anyone picking out of garbage cans, or anyone with a sign. Some people had no idea what we were doing….they looked a little out of it, some people made no indication that we were even in front of them, and some told us they love us over and over again and smiled. Either way I have never done that before and it made me feel good to help others. I am grateful to have Jess who is willing to do all these things with me! Here are some pictures:

(this post is part of a challenge I’m doing where I go 30 days of November doing something that scares me, challenges me, or just is outside of my comfort zone, you can view the start of this here: 30 Days of Embracing YES )


“You wouldn’t worry so much about what others think of you if you realized how seldom they do”

― Eleanor Roosevelt

I always talk about this quote above. I like to use this for my shopaholic friends….”No one cares what you’re wearing because everyone is too busy worrying about what they look like…we are all so self-involved and even when you try to impress everyone…just remember they are probably doing the same thing”

That idea of exterior beauty really helped me. I no longer spend money on clothes to make me happy or really anything materialistic based. I have mainly clothes from H&M, which are just the basics, I wear my same riding boots way too often and when I spend my money, it’s on a good pair of running shoes or workout clothes. I realize that whatever I wear, no one will ever remember. Same goes with makeup (thank god I don’t need much) but I feel like the more you wear, the more insecure you are with who you truly are.

I went off topic. This day was devoted to not caring what people think. It’s really quite silly that I can be confident in the whole “not need to dress to impress unless absolutely necessary” but I’m too scared to do the battle ropes in front of the class. I don’t know why I’ve never even tried them before and to most people, they are simple and kind of self explanatory but the one thing that holds me back is my darn ego. Our ego is usually the blame to everything we hold back from! My ego didn’t want me to go up there, do it wrong or not be strong enough to keep up….I would be humiliated.

Isn’t that sad? It’s such a simple thing, and once you try it, its nothing. Our minds sometimes create a life that is very small because it builds these walls of safety to keep us from ever feeling pain or humiliation…but in return, we get lack of growth.


I’ve talked about Bassline Fitness on here before; it’s my go-to for fat burning happiness. It’s a dark room with spin bikes, treadmills, crank machines, row machines and battle ropes. There are two huge projection screens in the front of class that play music videos and up beat house/rock/pop songs and you leave just covered in sweat. The battle ropes are in the very front of class between the front row and the projection screens. I waited till the very last minute in class and Brie finally said, “Tiare you have to do them! Lets go” and then she shared it and did it with me:) So grateful for my friend Brie! She made it not as scary and so much fun! I didn’t realize how hard they were! Anyway, now that I’ve faced this mini-challenge, I can do them in class without thinking to avoid them! It’s funny that once we face our fears, big or small, we actually begin to lose our fear of it. Life goes full circle when we allow things to get uncomfortable. That is what I learned last night. I am so glad that I chose November as my month to face my fears because its getting me ready for the new year, where my resolution is to be fearless and be GREAT!

(this post is part of a challenge I’m doing where I go 30 days of November doing something that scares me, challenges me, or just is outside of my comfort zone, you can view the start of this here: 30 Days of Embracing YES ) Sorry this is late, I fell asleep last night writing it.

Holy molyyyyy it’s late. Writing this is difficult for me because I didn’t start my little daily challenge till 9pm tonight. My challenge was a 4-mile run in the dark at 9pm. I don’t know why I chose this other than running at night scares me. I don’t even feel a run when I’m running at night because my adrenaline is pumping so fast.


I ran by two random men whom I think one was drunk and the other homeless…and its crazy to think that the moment I get near, my mind starts to create false made up stories about what could happen.

“They are going to kidnap you! And maybe attack you and shank you!!!” Either way these unhealthy thoughts went on even though I tried not to think about it. I don’t usually ever get scared on evening runs but usually they aren’t 4 miles long and running in places I’m not comfortable with.


So Day 2 challenge complete. I don’t know if this is helping me in any way but I did do something that scares me and feel great about getting my workout in tonight:) Sorry this is a short post, just not too much else to write about!


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